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Summer…..sorta August 22, 2009

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Well….. it’s summer, actually it has been for a while. hehe

So many of my ambitions for summer vacation never happened, big surprise. for a while I was kind of bummed about how many things I haven’t done, but I am getting over it and beginning to look forward to going back to school.

My family still hasn’t gotten it together and taken a real vacation yet, but we have finally decided to go camping in Vermont for the first week in September. it looks like a really cool place to explore, a nice mix of natural beauty and artsy fartsy culture.

I also have a few projects I want to finish before I go back to school, a plaid tank top I am sewing, some arm warmers I began knitting in the Spring, and a neck-warmer/ cowl that I am knitting. I am also going to makeover my mt. bike to bring back to school with me. putting on road tires, getting some baskets, ect. My old Schwinn road bike that I took last year is not in great shape after spending much of last year being drowned in torrential downpours. I just feel more confident taking my Mt. bike which has had a recent tune up, and this year I will be able to store my bike under cover.

Well, this has been a brief update for all u folks that are just dying to know what evil-mastermind schemes I have been up to…… Sorry to disappoint, hehe