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Vampiresday! yeah! February 14, 2009

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Hey, valentines day was actually really nice!  I got flowers from my parents yesterday which was a real suprise!



So today I went to get the package that my parents sent me that had the mittens my mom made me which are awesome by the way! plus a bunch of valentines goodies! You guys spoil me so bad! but I love it. 😉

awesome mittens!

awesome mittens!

This weekend I have to do 30 concept sketches for Model and Prototype, we are designing a handheld beater or blender. I have 21 so far and I really like some of them. My favorite looks like a pistol! hehe, It makes me laugh….

So after getting my package from weston house I went over to Erica’s for a while to work on sketches while she worked on her embroidery project. Funfun…. Homework with friends is much better than just plain homework!

So, after that I came home and caught the bus out to  Barnard Village and Elysia’s Valentine’s Day Singles Awareness Party! Which was great and had lots of good food! Yummy! I am stuffed! So, this weekend has been good so far! Hopefully I can finish everything up tomorrow!


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