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Finished the Hat! February 10, 2009

Yay! Last night I finished my Inga hat while I was talking to my mom on Skype! I love it!



Of course I would finish it after all that cold weather we had last week! Oh well, if nothing else I can wear it when I go home for Spring break and my Birthday! 21 baby! whooot! hahahaa! I am definitely excited for that one! And I am finally going to get my drivers licence too! not that that is really going to help me with my endless state of carlessness….. 😛 Oh well, best not to dwell on that… I will just focus on how much I love my hat.



In other news, I finished my mill block project with out any trouble, though a couple of measurements are a hair off. This however makes me feel quite guilty because so many people are going through loads of blocks and not getting a good one. 😦 In Computer Aided we got a new project, we have to design a tradeshow booth in Rhino, I am a little unsure of my design so far, but I think I am designing for Bianchi Bicycles. Or maybe, if that doesn’t work out, Smart Car. ?? we’ll see.

And my closing statement, I am making spaghetti for dinner, yummy!



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