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A Beautiful day in Savannah! February 9, 2009

My Lord! I love this beautiful weather! Today it supposedly got to 76 degrees! I am so glad the warm weather is back, it has been cold for way too long.

So, this morning during class I finished off my milling project for model shop class, I think it turned out pretty good, and I didn’t even have to do multiples like most people did! that made me happy….. Anyway, after class I took my bike and ran a few errands around town before going to 5 guys for lunch and then shopping! I went to Urban Outfitters to buy some coolio green nail polish that I saw the last time I was there. I felt a little guilty because I know how many bad chemicals are in nail polish, but I figure if all my other body products are organic one little bottle of nail polish won’t hurt. Plus it looks really cool.

See? totally worth the risk

See? totally worth the risk

I also bought some cool coral beads from a bead shop on Broughton, did a honey tasting at The Savannah Bee Company (yummy! especially the black sage honey!), and got a very good iced raspberry Americano from the Ambrosia Cafe. Over all, a very pleasant and succesful day!

Here is a pic of my lamp project, I really like it, but I got a B on it. I guess because my seam between the two halves is not completely invisible.

Vacuum formed lamp

Vacuum formed lamp

And finally, my knitting wip! The Inga hat knit up in Dale of Norway Freestyle. I really love this pattern, It is my first color work project!

Inga hat, 2/3s finished

Inga hat, 2/3s finished

Well, time for Computer Aided Product design! bye yall!



3 Responses to “A Beautiful day in Savannah!”

  1. eparke20 Says:

    haha yes! you’ve joined the blog world 🙂

  2. Annie Says:

    Hey Tess! I like your blog!…..and your turquoise nail polish ;D

  3. Karen Says:

    I think your lamp is very stylish and office funky. I could imagine seeing it in a modern apartment in New York City. In the Village or the Boho district. Don’t worry about the grade, Tess, maybe you’re right about the seam. I guess A is supposed to be excellent, and B is almost excellent. The perfectionism thing can drive you crazy if you can’t let it go (I know). Can’t wait to see you, have you thought of any other birthday present ideas?

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